Next Show

You may have already heard about it elsewhere, but if not, here it is officially from us. We’ll be part of next years „Spirits of Metal“ in Annaberg-Buchholz, a really fine tribute band metal concert presented by In Aeternum!



Thank you DUF

Big thanks to the Dat Unland Fier Festival! We had a lot of fun, a great show and can recommend the festival to every fan/visitor, as well as other bands! Keep it up!!


Dat Unland Fier!

After the festival is before the festival and so it continues for us next weekend at the Dat Unland Fier! We are really looking forward to it and hope to meet some of you there!!!


Lets a Go!

Next Saturday (May 18th, 2024) live at the Devil’s Covenant Fest at around 9:00 p.m.!!


Left to Rot

Coming soon to Devil’s Covenant Fest! LEFT TO ROT!!!


Running Order Devils Covenant Fest

The Devil’s Covenant Fest is starting soon and will you be there? A small festival of harder sounds and we are also part of the lineup. The tickets are limited and so that no one can say later if they had known this, we are now sharing the official running order!


Thank You!

Thanks! Thanks to your help, we cracked the magical 666 viewer count with our „Osculum Obscenum“ video from the Party.San Metal Open Air! And as promised, here is our 2nd old school output from the show with „Left To Rot“! Share it if you like it and come to our upcoming shows, such as the Devil’s Covenant Fest or the Dat Unland Fier!
Link to the video:


Osculum Obsc????

Osculum Obsc???? or what was again? Just take another look and let’s break the 666 view mark! And once that’s done, we’ll release the 2nd video from Party.San Open Air. Sounds like a good deal right?
Link to the video:


Castle Rock

The next gig confirmation has arrived and everthing is taking place right on our bassist’s doorstep, so to speak. We’re heading north to the beautiful city Schwerin, where we’ll enjoy the view of the castle together with the other bands and fill your ears with music!!


Osculum Obscenum

2 gigs have been confirmed and more are in the works! Until then, we want to keep our current video in front of your eyes and ears!